UK mobile studio Hutch will trial a four-day work week

Hutch wants staff to use their extra day off for "positive and constructive pursuits."

UK mobile studio Hutch is piloting a four-day work week from June to December 2022.

The company, known for developing racing titles like F1 Clash and Rebel Racing, intends to use the trial as an opportunity to measure the impact a shorter working week has on staff wellbeing, organizational productivity, sustainability, and the distribution of responsibility for parents and carers.

The studio said it will put key processes in place to help it learn from the trial while making sure business needs are met and workloads are balanced appropriately.

"Hutch is actively encouraging the team to use their additional day off for positive and constructive pursuits such as volunteering and following passions and hobbies," wrote the company in a press release.

"[We have] an ongoing commitment to championing employee wellbeing and will continue to do so with the trial, ensuring that one less working day does not entail additional working hours during the other four."

Hutch isn't the first studio to pivot -- temporarily or otherwise -- to a four-day week. Indies like Young Horses and Kitfox Games have already made the switch alongside larger studios such as Eidos Montreal.

In December last year, we sat down with multiple developers who made the four-day week a reality to see how the shift affected everything from productivity to employee wellbeing.

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