Ubisoft works with HitRECord to crowdsource assets for Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft is collaborating with the creative platform HitRECord to let developers contribute assets for Beyond: Good and Evil 2.

In collaboration with the creative platform HitRECord, Ubisoft is opening up the opportunity for developers to contribute assets for Beyond Good and Evil 2 through the Space Monkey Program, a hub for feedback and ideas that go toward the game's development.

Announced during Ubisoft's E3 conference today, devs who are interested in creating assets like music or visuals for the game can sign up to contribute on the HitRECord website, which offers more information about how the collaboration between Ubisoft, HitRECord, and volunteers will work. 

For developers wondering whether or not their work will be compensated, it seems the answer is "yes", although the terms around how contributors will be paid and credited still doesn't seem to be quite clear.

According to the HitRECord FAQ page about the Beyond Good and Evil 2 partnership, HitRECord usually splits all the profits of a production with the community evenly where 50 percent of profits go to contributors and the other 50 percent go to the company.

However, the collaboration with Ubisoft splits the profits differently. As the post describes, HitRECord put aside $50,000 for a "community payment sum" in the budget to pay contributors.

"For this partnership with BGE2, HITRECORD is only working on certain elements and parts of the full game, so ‘profit’ as we’d usually define it doesn’t apply," reads the post.

"Instead HITRECORD has set aside the community payment sum of $50,000 as an item in our budget. That amount will be spread across all the finished songs and visual assets that we deliver to Ubisoft Montpellier for inclusion in the game."

A hitRECord contributor who spoke to Gamasutra explained that HitRECord pays by how big the contribution use is in the grand scheme of the project itself, implying that if a developer created an asset that was used quite often throughout the game, they would likely be compensated more. 

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