Ubisoft's chief studios officer departs after 16 months

Virginie Haas had only assumed the role in September 2020.

Ubisoft chief studios officer Virginie Haas is departing the company after only 16 months on the job.

Haas' departure was announced to employees today, where she told the company that she was departing "in pursuit of other activities," according to Axios Gaming editor Stephen Totilo.

An Ubisoft spokesperson confirmed the departure to Game Developer, stating that "the company is well on its way to appointing her successor."

"In the interim, the senior team she was in charge of will ensure the continuity and seamless execution of the current projects," it added.

Haas had previously been an independent member of the company's board of directors. She joined the board when the company was still under a threat of takeover by Vivendi.

Publicly, it was a fairly quiet tenure for Haas, who stepped into the role after multiple former and current employees came forward with allegations of sexism, abuse, discrimination, and toxic behavior at the multinational company. Her name surfaced in reporting on the departure of Ubisoft Singapore boss Hugues Ricour.

Ubisoft has been having issues retaining talent across the company, though given Haas' position, it's unclear if this is another instance of poached employees, or another ripple of the revelations that disrupted the company last year.

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