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Amid conflicting statements on the matter, Ubisoft says it's working on a patch to remove DRM that requires a constant internet conn

Kyle Orland, Blogger

August 23, 2011

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Amid conflicting statements and player outrage over Ubisoft's use of PC DRM that requires a persistent internet connection, the company says it's working on a patch to remove such DRM -- intended to prevent software piracy -- in the recently released PC version of From Dust. In a post on the official From Dust forums, the company apologizes for previous statements on the matter that were "not clear," and promises a patch "that will eliminate the need for any online authentication" will be available "in approximately two weeks." That two week lead time is needed, Ubisoft says, to allow those who have started a saved game on the company's servers to transfer that progress to the purely offline version of the single-player game. In July, Ubisoft promised a persistent internet connection would not be required for the PC version of From Dust, a statement seemingly contradicted by an internet connection check present in that version of the game released last week. Ubisoft later clarified that an internet connection is required when starting a From Dust session, but that the game can be played offline after that initial check. Ubisoft recently stated that the upcoming Driver: San Francisco would require internet authentication only the first time it's played, contradicting a July statement that a constant internet connection would be required for the title. Responding to an outcry over Ubisoft's DRM plans last month, the company cited "a clear reduction in piracy of our titles which required a persistent online connection" in defending the practice.

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