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Ubisoft Introducing Its Own Online Pass System

Ubisoft is reportedly looking to set up its own version of the recently revealed PSN Pass, requiring used purchasers for games like Driver: San Francisco to buy a code online. [UPDATE: Ubisoft confirms.]

Mike Rose, Blogger

July 15, 2011

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[UPDATE: Ubisoft has confirmed the Passport's existence today, saying the feature will "provide players with access to bonus content, exclusive offers, and online multiplayer play" for "many of Ubisoft’s popular core games," including Driver: San Francisco. Passport codes will cost $9.99 for those who don't purchase new copies of supported games.] Ubisoft is looking to set up its own version of the recently revealed PSN Pass, according to media reports. Uplay Passport will be introduced alongside the launch of Driver: San Francisco, according to news site Gamerzines, and will require gamers to either have access to a new copy of the game, or buy a Passport code online, to access the online features. If a consumer purchases a pre-owned copy of Driver and the provided code has already been used, the user will need to buy a new Passport code to play online. The system is similar to PSN Pass, Sony's upcoming system that was revealed earlier this month. Sony will include a PSN Pass code needed to activate "full online access" in new copies of some first-party titles, starting with September's release of Resistance 3. A price point for Uplay Passport codes has not yet been announced. When contacted by Gamasutra, a Ubisoft spokesperson refused to comment on the matter, stating, "As we haven't announced anything, I'm afraid the official line is that 'We don't comment on rumor or speculation.'" Ubisoft commented last year that it was very interested in EA's '$10 solution' to combating second-hand game sales.

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