Twitch takes alleged hate group off approved charities list

The inclusion of LGB Alliance and Autism Speaks raises concerns about Twitch's vetting process for its approved charities.

Twitch has removed LGB Alliance from the list of its approved charities. An official admin for Twitch's forums confirmed the organization had been removed after a "thorough review" spurred by backlash from users about the group's inclusion.

The LGB Alliance has openly opposed the rights of trans people, and been frequently criticized as a hate group. Its inclusion on Twitch's list prompted requests from users for the Alliance's charity status to be removed on the platform.

On December 7, Twitch released its charity tool for users to donate to organizations that had been classified as charities across the world. LGB Alliance was granted charity status in the UK back in 2021.

"Twitch does not allow charities that violate our hateful conduct policies on Twitch, or whose organization or leadership engage in or promote behaviors that violate our Off-Service policy," wrote Twitch.

Organizations were added to Twitch's charity tool via its partnership with Paypal's Giving Fund, hence the Alliance's inclusion. That inclusion isn't an endorsement, but the forum admin noted that Twitch will "regularly review the list and remove organizations that violate our policies."

Towards the end of November, Twitch caught similar criticism for having the group Autism Speaks in its approved charities. Unlike the Alliance, Autism Speaks has not been removed.

Per Twitch's off-service policy, it doesn't appear that Autism Speaks has violated the streaming giant's rules in the same way the LGB Alliance has.

Twitch wrote in November that its goal was to "provide streamers with a wide variety of charitable organizations...The scale of this program may mean that people within our community may not agree with or support all of the included organizations."

Game Developer has contacted LGB Alliance for comment, and will update when a response is given.

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