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Twitch promises easier revenue opportunities and ad placement in 2023

Twitch wants 2023 to be a year where streamers can grow their revenue and build upon the strength of their communities.

Justin Carter

January 25, 2023

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In its plans for 2023, Twitch announced a variety of tools that streamers will be able to use to increase their revenue throughout the year. Per chief product officer Tom Verrili, the new changes and updates implemented throughout the year will "make it easier for [streamers] to earn without impacting growth."

Interestingly, these changes precede an update to its revenue split policy in June, wherein Twitch will get a 50/50 split from streamers making over $100,000 will get a 50/50. Twitch previously argued that ad revenue would serve as extra revenue, and some of these changes address that.

These new features also follow Twitch streamers reportedly earning over $1 billion through the streaming service in 2022. Verrili attributed those earnings to changes such as Twitch lowering its pay threshold and the launch of its ad incentive program.

One of the big changes will involve features for specific streamers that will lead to "more authentic and effective" sponsorship deals on Twitch. These features included channel skins and graphics, which streamers will easily be able to implement either in the stream itself or on chat to have a more "engaging" sponsorship experience. 

For Affiliates and Partners specifically, Twitch announced updates to its analytics that provides, among other things, data on peak days and times to stream, plus audience retention data.

Similarly, Twitch plans on offering streamers more control on when ads will play during a stream, and notify viewers when an ad is about to appear on stream. Streamers will also be able to make clear to their community when they're collaborating on branded content with advertisers. 

You can see the full list of changes and new additions here. But overall, Verrili said that the changes made should allow streamers to "build the communities you want to build, more easily and more reliably."

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