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Software portability company TransGaming, responsible for Mac ports of PC games like EVE Online, will begin licensing its port technology out to developers as it becomes a Mac game publisher.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

April 15, 2014

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Software portability company TransGaming, responsible for Mac ports of PC games like The Darkness II, announced today that it will begin publishing Mac games and licensing out its port technology to developers down to the source-code level. The technology itself has also been improved to allow developers to port PC games to Android, iOS and SteamOS devices in addition to Macs. TransGaming claims that licensing out the technology to developers looking to port their games to multiple platforms will allow them to do so in-house at any point during the development process, whereas in the past the company would require developer partners to work directly with TransGaming in order to utilize its proprietary technology. "We are changing the way TransGaming operates with our customers by significantly modifying our licensing models, by entering the game publishing arena, and by supporting more platforms where high quality games are in massive demand," stated TransGaming CEO Vikas Gupta in a press release announcing the news. "We’ve seen an incredible appetite by the industry to utilize our technology platform under these new models and our customers will now be able to reach new devices, systems and audiences without the need to engage in the traditional expensive process of porting or redevelopment of their content." Last month TransGaming announced the hire of DICE cofounder Fredrik Liljegren to serve as vice president, claiming that he would help the company spread its suite of translation technologies and business development tools to video game companies around the world. TransGaming has not announced what, if any, games it plans to publish this year.

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