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Thought EA had Star Wars locked up? Lego Star Wars says no

The key is likely that EA's exclusivity deal was for games aimed at a "core gaming audience" -- like its Battlefront franchise.

Christian Nutt, Contributor

February 2, 2016

1 Min Read

Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Disney announced Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a multi-platform entry in the popular franchise which spans platforms from the Xbox One to the Nintendo 3DS and basically everything in-between this June. 

But how did it happen, if EA has the exclusive rights to the franchise? 

Turns out, not so much; as we reported in 2013, that deal covered games aimed at a "core gaming audience." Presumably shooters like its successful Battlefront (which recently laid out plans for downloadable content) meet that criterion; apparently Lego Star Wars does not. 

Of course, EA has other Star Wars games in the offing as part of its multi-year deal with Disney. No word, either, on what other games we can expect that skirt the "core gaming" provision and which other publishers might score a chance to work on the resurgent franchise. Disney itself, of course, includes plenty of Star Wars-related content in its own Disney Infinity franchise.

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