These were the best-selling new releases on Steam in April

Physics-based tactics game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and minimalist city builder Islanders were two of Steam's best-selling new releases in April, according to data from Valve. 

Physics-based tactics game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and minimalist city builder Islanders were two of Steam's best-selling new releases in April, according to data from Valve

Keen to spotlight the "wide variety of styles, genres, and themes," that find success on Steam, Valve compiled a list of the top 20 best-selling new releases for April, and it makes for interesting reading. 

"To generate this list, we started by enumerating all the games released between April 1 and April 30. We then looked at revenue earned by each of those games in the first two weeks following that game's release," said Valve, explaining its methodology. 

"From that list, we took the top 20 games by revenue to make our final list. Finally, we sorted the 20 games by release date."

Although it's disappointing that Valve hasn't shared any revenue numbers or unit sales, it's still fascinating to see what's selling on the company's massive digital storefront. You can check out the full list below.

Top Steam Releases of April 2019 (Sorted by Release Date)

  • Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Landfall)
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission (Dimps Corporation, Safari Games)
  • Islanders (GrizzlyGames)
  • MarZ: Tactical Base Defence (doorfourtyfour)
  • Supraland (Supra Games)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (Capcom)
  • Vacation Simulator (Owlchemy Labs)
  • Zanki Zero: Last Beginning (Spike Chunsoft) 
  • Pathway (Robotality)
  • Weedcraft Inc (Vile Monarch)
  • Staxel (Plukit)
  • One Finger Death Punch 2 (Silver Dollar Games)
  • Forager (HopFrog)
  • Pagan Online (Map Head Games)
  • Katana ZERO (Askiisoft)
  • Driftland: The Magic Revival (Star Drifters)
  • Paper Dolls Original (Beijing Litchi Culture Media)
  • Mortal Kombat 11 (NetherRealm Studios)
  • Imperator: Rome (Paradox)
  • Mordhau (Triternion)

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