The PlayStation VR2 outsold the original PlayStation VR during its first six weeks

Sony claims the headset has made a "strong" start.

The PlayStation VR2 outperformed the original PlayStation VR during its first six weeks on shelves.

A slide from Sony's recent business segment presentation shows the PlayStation VR2 consistently sold-through more units than its predecessor during their respective six-week launch windows.

The image (below) adds that PS VR2 sell-through was up by 8 percent when compared with the original headset during that period, with Sony describing the PS VR2 launch as "strong."

It's worth remembering, however, that PS VR2 has been on shelves for around 12 weeks–having landed on February 22–meaning we're not seeing the whole picture.

PSVR sales force

The original PlayStation VR headset also sold almost 1 million units in roughly four months, with that period including the 2016 holiday season (the headset was rolled out in October 2016).

It'll be interesting to see whether the PS VR2 continues to outsell its older sibling in the long-term, given some analysts have suggested it may need a price cut to stay competitive.

Earlier this year, we went hands-on with the PS VR2 to better understand what opportunities there are for developers on the platform.

After spending some time with the device, Game Developer senior editor Bryant Francis suggested there are ample commercial and artistic possibilities for developers on PS VR2, but noted there are some trade-offs including a lack of mobility when compared with rival hardware like the Meta Quest.

"It may take time for sales of the headset to ramp up, but there are opportunities for VR-first developers to introduce their games to a console audience, and for console-first developers to start dabbling with VR game design," they added.

Click here to read more thoughts on the PS VR2.

A slide detailing the launch performance of the PS VR2, showing how it has outperformed the original PS VR during its first six weeks

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