Thatgamecompany opening new San Francisco office to support Sky

Journey and Flower developer thatgamecompany is preparing to expand with the opening of a new office in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Journey and Flower developer thatgamecompany is preparing to expand with the opening of a new office in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As reported by, the new studio will serve as an extension of the company's Standa Monica HQ, and has been tasked with supporting Sky: Children of the Light while pushing ahead with platform and technology development. 

It will also give the company access to a new talent pool, with studio founder Jenova Chen hoping it'll make it possible for more potential staffers to join the team. 

"We can't really convince everyone to move to Los Angeles. When you have multiple people already in the Bay Area, why not have an office for them to go to?" he commented. "In order to allow us to capture more talent, we wanted to make it possible that either office is an option."

The news comes shortly after Sky passed 10 million downloads on iOS in under a year. The social adventure game was launched exclusively on the App Store back in July 2019, and is scheduled to launch on Google Play and the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Thatgamecompany has pledged to keep supporting the title so it can "reach its peak," and hopes its continued success will ultimately enable the development of new projects. 

"We could sustain our studio and potentially support more projects just operating this game, and that's still with only ten million players on iOS. If we continue to grow to Android and consoles, we expect to see this grow in a healthy way," he added. 

"Sky is bringing many powerful experiences to its players. We want to continue to grow its influence, to impact more people and change their views [on games]. Growing Sky is our mission statement, so we will not stop supporting this game until it has pretty much reached its peak."

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