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Supercell scrapping Clash Quest for failing to meet its "very high standards"

"We felt Clash Quest still didn't reach the bar we were aiming for."

Chris Kerr

August 17, 2022

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Clash Quest promotional art

Supercell is ending development on Clash Quest just over a year after the tactical strategy title was announced and soft-launched.

The Finnish mobile studio said the game failed to meet its "very high standards" despite a number of design changes that were implemented earlier this year.

"We felt Clash Quest still didn't reach the bar we were aiming for. In the end we feel [ending development] is the right decision for the game," said the company.

The studio thanked players for helping them improve Clash Quest with a deluge of feedback shared on social media channels like Discord and Twitter, but explained it simply couldn't deliver the game it set out to create.

"We hope we can be transparent about this decision and we plan to record one last Captain's Log detailing what our goals were, what benchmarks we set out to achieve, and ultimately what the catalyst was for this decision," continued Supercell.

As Clash Quest prepares to wind down, players will be able to transfer any in-game purchases made in the title to another Supercell live game by contacting player support.

To prevent players from spending additional cash, in-game purchases will be disabled and Clash Quest will be delisted from storefronts to halt new downloads. Supercell intends to begin shutting down Clash Quest's servers in approximately six weeks to give players "ample time" to transfer their purchases over to its other titles.

"Although this may mark the end of Clash Quest, it is a core value of Supercell's culture that we take our learnings and apply them to our other games," added Supercell. "Exciting opportunities arise as members of the Clash Quest team move on to help develop our new and current games. It was the killing of Smash Land that enabled Clash Royale's growth."

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