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Supercell pulls loot boxes from Brawl Stars in favor of "deterministic rewards"

A new reward track called the Starr Road will now be used to unlock brawlers.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

December 12, 2022

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An image of a loot box as seen in Brawl Stars

Supercell is removing loot boxes from its mobile battler Brawl Stars four years after the title launched.

The company broke the news in a video update and explained it's scrapping loot boxes in order to move away from probabilities and chances in favor of defined rewards that will give players "clear and exciting goals."

"No more probabilities, no more random rewards, and no more playing the guessing game when you unlock brawlers," said Brawl Stars game lead Frank Keienburg. "Moving forward, the rewards both on Brawl Pass and Trophy Road will be replaced with different deterministic rewards, some of which are new to the game. You will always know exactly what you're going to get."

Instead of amassing new brawlers through loot boxes, players will now be able to unlock them through a new reward track called the Starr Road. According to the latest Brawl Stars patch notes, the Starr Road will let players unlock all non-Chromatic brawlers using credits, which can either be purchased, earned in-game by completing challenges and quests, or making progress in the Brawl Pass or on Trophy Road.

The shake up means that as of December 12 (yup, that's today) all unclaimed Brawl Boxes in a player's inventory will be automatically opened.

Anybody who purchased the Premium Brawl Pass before the removal of loot boxes will also receive an additional starting grant of in-game credits based on their current seasonal progress to compensate for the sudden change.

Those players and anybody who purchases the current Premium Brawl Pass going forward (so, before the season ends on January 2, 2023) will also receive a one-time payment of 80 gems (worth $4.99) as a form of "exceptional one-time compensation."

You can find out more about how the removal of loot boxes has affected Brawl Stars by digging into the latest patch notes.

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