Super Evil Megacorp raises $26 million, wants mass-market eSports

Super Evil Megacorp, the publisher behind mobile MOBA, Vainglory, has received $26 million in funding, with Index Ventures leading the investment round.

Super Evil Megacorp, the publisher behind mobile MOBA Vainglory, has received $26 million in funding, with Index Ventures leading the investment round. 

While clearly pleased with Super Evil's $26 million haul, COO, Kristian Segerstrale -- formerly of Supercell, Glu, EA, and Playfish -- was keen to emphasize that the new investors aren't just bringing cash to the table. 

"While the $26 million number is pretty cool, fundraising is actually mostly not about the money, contrary to what people think. Fundraising is about choosing amazing partners to help you grow as a company," Segerstrale said. The company intends on turning Vainglory into a "mass-market eSport."

On top of its successful funding round, Super Evil also lifted the lid on the Vainglory International Premier League, which will open its doors on August 16. 

Founded in partnership with Korean eSports outfit OGN, the "elite competition" will feature the best teams in the world competing for a chunk of a $70,000 prize pool. The first season will take place over six weeks and will be broadcast live on prime-time TV in Korea.

The publisher also revealed a strategic partnership with Giant Interactive, who'll be helping launch, optimize, and update Vainglory in China. 

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