Sumo Group acquires UK mobile studio Midoki to bolster live service credentials

Midoki has worked on titles like Knighthood and Crazy Taxi City Rush.

Sumo Group has acquired Plunder Pirates and Knighthood developer Midoki for an undisclosed fee.

Midoki was established in 2011 and has released several mobile titles including Knighthood, a fantasy RPG that has amassed over 5 million downloads. The UK studio also worked with Sega Hardlight on Crazy Taxi City Rush.

Sumo said the deal will strengthen its capabilities in the mobile space and bolster its games-as-as-service and free-to-play credentials.

"I'm delighted to welcome the Midoki team to the Group as we look to expand our presence in live service and mobile gaming. With over a decade of experience in this space, Midoki will strengthen our current service offering in game development as we continue to create great games for our partners and exciting experiences for players," said Sumo Group CEO, Carl Cavers.

"The values and culture of Midoki are a natural fit to Sumo and we’re excited to add a further 29 talented game creators to the business and share in the next step of their journey."

Midoki and Sumo Group

Midoki will continue to operate as a standalone studio, according to co-founder and managing director Jonathan Web, and remains committed to developing original franchises under the Sumo banner.

Sumo Group has expanded significantly in recent years, and currently owns major studios and publishers including Red Kite Games, The Chinese Room, Auroch Digital, and Secret Mode.

It also operates seven 'Sumo' branded studios in Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle. Leamington, Warrington, Bangalore, and Pune.

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