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Streaming-only RPG looks to build on Twitch Plays Pokemon model

Indie outfit Shiny Shoe has launched a new streaming-only RPG that takes more than a few cues from Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

June 26, 2018

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Remember Twitch Plays Pokemon? The captivating social experiment that saw a horde of Twitch viewers complete a number of Pokemon titles, starting with Pokemon Red

The entire event was a roaring success, attracting the attention of millions of players and onlookers and even spawning some new religions in the process (all hail Lord Helix).

Now, it looks like indie outfit Shiny Shoe is attempting to iterate on that crowdsourced play model with the launch of Death's Door: Aftermath, a streaming-only RPG available exclusively through Microsoft's Mixer streaming platform. 

The second chapter in Shiny Shoe's episodic Death's Door series, Aftermath has been locked into Mixer after the first entry garnered over 1 million viewers on the platform last year. 

Much like Twitch Plays Pokemon, Death's Door: Aftermath will give Mixer viewers the ability to influence what happens in-game by letting them vote on decisions as a community. 

The title will continually evolve with each community vote, and will be updated with new episodic content as viewers progress. 

To further incentivize and monetize involvement, Shiny Shoe will sell $6 monthly subscriptions granting access to subscriber-only voting periods, custom emotes, and an exclusive Discord channel where players can chat with the dev team directly. 

If you're keen to learn more, or perhaps even take part, you can join the Aftermath Mixer community by following this link. The game will stream Tuesday through Sunday from 10AM to 10PM PT.

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