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Steam has shattered last January's numbers by reaching as many as 18.5 million simultaneously logged in users this past Saturday.

Alissa McAloon

January 9, 2018

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Steam has shattered last year's concurrent player record by reaching as many as 18.5 million simultaneously logged in users this past Saturday.

While a chunk of that concurrent jump is no doubt owed to the ongoing success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam, the year-over-year growth in itself goes to show that Steam is still a leading platform in the PC world.

The third-party tracker Steam Database clocked a grand total of 18,522,222 players on Saturday, January 6 with 7,143,070 of those players logged into a game at that same moment.

For comparison’s sake, that comes in at nearly 4 million more concurrent players than Steam boasted on this day one year ago and 6 million more than recorded at the beginning of 2016

During the now all-time peak, 3.1 million players were logged into PlayerUnknonwn’s Battlegrounds, a number just slightly higher than the Steam-wide peak concurrent players record set by Battlegrounds last month.

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