Sponsored survey: Blackberry asks developers for feedback on game platforms

Research In Motion has launched a sponsored survey with Gamasutra asking about keys to mobile game development, and offering up BlackBerry PlayBooks as daily prizes.
Research In Motion has launched a sponsored survey in association with Gamasutra, asking developers about their opinions on features for its mobile platforms, offering up BlackBerry PlayBooks as daily prizes to respondents. The simple 10-question survey should only take a few minutes to complete, and touches on smartphone and tablet developers' concerns when considering supporting the BlackBerry platform, their preferred tools, in-app payments, and other topics. Questions include: "What hardware features and user experiences would encourage you to develop games for BlackBerry, that you'd like to see on future phones and tablets?", as well as "How much revenue do you need make on a game to justify the porting costs?" and how developers currently leverage in-app payment. Everyone who completes the online survey will be entered to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook, Research In Motion's tablet device. The company will draw a winner every weekday for the survey, which is running solely on Gamasutra, giving out a total of ten devices to selected participants. Those interested in participating can fill out the BlackBerry Game Developer Survey starting today, and ending on April 6th.

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