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Sponsored Post: Meet the people at GDC Online's GDC Play showcase, Pt.1

Next month's <a href="http://www.gdconline.com">GDC Online</a> show in Austin will have presence from both independent developers and game funders, and in this first interview showcase, Bamtang, Digital Capital and 10-20 Media discuss their presence at the show.

September 28, 2012

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At this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the GDC Play showcase introduced the industry to some of the top independent and emerging game companies in the business. It marked a great opportunity for GDC attendees to check out upcoming and undiscovered projects, and this October industry professionals will get a chance to experience the showcase all over again when it makes its Austin debut at GDC Online. This time, a brand-new batch of exhibitors will be on site to demonstrate their latest games, discuss new business opportunities, and network with the GDC Online attendees. We recently got in touch with these companies to learn who they are and what makes them tick, and we'll be highlighting the showcase's most notable companies as the event draws closer. The showcase itself will take place during the first two days of GDC Online, which will run Oct 9-11 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas -- but until then, here are the first three major exhibitor's at next month's GDC Play:


Bamtang is a Peru-based developer best known for creating web and mobile games based on popular kids' IP. Some of the studios notable titles include Adventure Time: Righteous Quest, Ben 10: Big Battle, and Pokemon Sky Stacker. "Bamtang is one of the leading independent studios in Latin America. We've been going for 10 years now and just keep getting stronger. We're focused on action and casual 2D titles, mainly for web and mobile. Bamtang is especially strong at working with major IPs -- from Ben 10 to Bugs Bunny to Pokemon. "We're excited because we've recently become licensed to work on PlayStation 3 and Vita. We have just finished porting our engine, so now we're working on our own IP for those platforms. It's the same proprietary Bamtang tech and engine that we used to make a lot of our last games for web, PC and mobile. "At GDC Online Play, we're ideally looking for clients that need to hire a full development team for PlayStation, web or mobile. We love doing work for hire and we are very good at it. All of our clients give us repeat business. Being based in Peru, or costs are low and there's no the time difference and cultural issues. We have a couple of our own IPs we are showing too, and hopefully someone will want to publish them, though we're only interested in publishers that want to get involved, not just resellers." - Adam Johnston, Bamtang creative director

Digital Capital

Digital Capital looks to offer funding and development support for promising indie teams. Earlier this year, the group partnered with Powerhead Games' Jason Schreiber, who helped create the critically acclaimed iOS puzzle game Async Corp. "Digital Capital was formed late last year by myself (Todd Tribell) and industry veteran Stewart Kosoy as a result of a discussion we had about the direction the industry was going and how the traditional model for publishing was not completely accommodating in today's world of browser and mobile games...We started talking about how the new digital platforms offer developers new opportunities and thrashed out a way whereby we could help them get funding for original IP without them giving away the family farm, so to speak. But in addition to offering funding, we support them with production, marketing, licensing -- whatever they need -- being partners with the developer is at the heart of Digital Capital. "We're at GDC Online Play to meet with as many developers as we can and hear their ideas. So far we've been blown away by the talent and creativity in the industry and get excited about every meeting. In addition to having a presence with our kiosk, we will maintain a private meeting room in an outside location so developers can feel comfortable in meeting us discretely and in complete confidentiality. With any luck, we will find the next big hit while we're in Austin and fund it!" - Todd Tribell, Digital Capital co-founder

10-20 Media, Inc.

The Maryland-based 10-20 Media is best known for creating GardenQuest, a 3D Facebook title about -- as the name implies -- gardening. The game is currently in beta and is nearing its official debut. "10-20 Media, Inc. is an independent game developer and has beta launched the title GardenQuest, a 3D gardening game on the Facebook canvas -- we have green thumbs and tech fingers. GardenQuest was launched in beta in mid-July. We are continuing to grow the user base and optimize the game and are looking forward to getting out of beta. "10-20 Media, Inc. will be showcasing the GardenQuest game at Kiosk #9. As an independent developer, we are entertaining opportunities to partner with a publisher or investor that shares in our vision. We also want to meet the vendors in the space. We're looking forward to the event!" - Steve Cissel, 10-20 Media CEO

Additional Info

Keep an eye out for even more GDC Play announcements in the coming days, as we'll be showcasing even more exhibitor introductions as the show draws closer. Those interested in attending can secure their tickets now, as online registration will remain open until October 5. (This is the final GDC Online show in Austin -- organizers have announced a successor, Game Developers Conference Next, debuting in Los Angeles in November 2013 alongside the new App Developers Conference.) For more information on GDC Online, visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

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