Soon you'll be able to launch Kickstarter campaigns in Germany

Developers based in Germany can begin building their projects now for launch on May 12th as Kickstarter continues to spread across Europe.

Newsbrief: Today Kickstarter confirmed plans to launch in Germany on May 12th, and residents of the country can begin designing their campaigns now ahead of the crowdfunding platform's German debut.

This is a big deal for both German-based developers and the European developer community at large; according to last year's GDC Europe State of the Industry survey less than ten percent of European developers were using Kickstarter for their current projects, and many of them wrote in to say it was because Kickstarter was "too difficult" or "not available" to use in Europe.

At the time it was only possible to launch Kickstarter campaigns in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands; since then, Kickstarter has expanded into Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Ireland -- and soon Germany, which shares the Kickstarter-supported euro currency standard with Ireland and other eurozone countries.

The company will be running a series of German outreach events in the weeks ahead, and full details can be found on its website.

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