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Scientific-Educational Strategy – а new sub-genre?

How the idea of new sub-genre was born and what do you think about it?

Nowadays the sub-genre of "scientific-education strategy" does not exist. Its creation has come to us by accident - our previous projects were turn-based historical strategies / simulations. We have always tried to include an educational component in our games to make them most beneficial for the player – in order to make the time spent in the game the most rewarding.

When we thought about the development of the project "World History of Ancient Egypt" - we asked ourselves, how will we differ from other projects in historical settings - such "monsters" like Rome Total War 2 and so on. And we came up with the idea - what if we attract professional scientists with the worldwide renown to the development of out new game? From the very beginning making the game based on the data approved by famous scientists. And if we add to this the "addiction moment" of a good turn-based strategy - than we’ll get a game which involves a player in the process, makes him be emotionally excited by the real historical events (confirmed by scientists), and thus leaves in the player's head the real knowledge which will remain with him for very long time and maybe forever. Thus it was born the "method of effective emotional learning" for a person ingrossed in the game - its practical effectiveness, of course, will be confirmed or disproved only after the release of the project.

We realized that the product became "unusual" and we finally decided to come up with a new sub-genre which describes the possibilities of the project best of all. And so it was born the name - "Scientific educational strategy". It is very interesting to know your opinion - whether a similar name has official right to exist?



Now the project is in development and scheduled for release in the summer of 2016. Here we would like to share our thoughts about the development, showing you screens and video. We have just launched a campaign on Indiegogo  and there you can read a summary of the game and see the screenshots.

Name: World History Ancient Egypt

Genre: Scientific Educational Strategy

Release: summer 2016

Status: in development

Indiegogo page

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