Riot Games global president A. Dylan Jadeja to become CEO later this year

Outgoing CEO Nicolo Laurent will remain at Riot in an advisory role.

Riot global president A. Dylan Jadeja will be stepping up as the company's new CEO later this year.

Jadeja will succeed current CEO Nicolo Laurent, who held the role for six years but is preparing to move into an advisory role at the League of Legends and Valorant maker.

The transition will take place over the coming months and should be completed by the end of 2023.

Jadeja first joined Riot as CFO in 2011 and was named COO in 2014. He then became president of the company in 2017 when Riot's founders transitioned to co-chair roles and in 2022 assumed leadership of Riot's executive suite.

During his tenure as president, Jadeja oversaw Riot's global corporate strategy and development, venture investments, legal, finance, and accounting, enterprise technology, and other operational functions.

He also architected multiple investments for Riot, including the acquisition of Hypixel Studios and Radiant Entertainment.

Changing of the guard 

In a letter to Riot workers, Jadeja said Riot's future success will depend on the company's ability to "empower our creative heart while staying resolute on our mission for players."

"As we look to the transition, it would be disingenuous for me to suggest that I have all the answers and an action plan already defined. In fact, I’d argue that this would be inauthentic to who I am and how I work. Over the next few months, my intention is to use this transition window to listen and (re)learn," he wrote.

"I want to engage with parts of Riot that I haven’t in some time, particularly on the product side. We’ve made a lot of changes in the past few years, and with your help, I’d like to take stock of where we are and get a deeper understanding of what's working and what we can do better. During this period, I’m going to ask for your patience, your willingness to share perspectives, and an openness to new ideas."

Laurent also penned his own letter to Riot employees, and said that while the news "may feel sudden" the decision to step down and spend more time with his family has been in the offing "for a while."

"While this chapter is coming to a close, I don’t view this as an end—I don’t plan on joining another company or starting a new company. I love Riot, and I genuinely believe this is the best place in the world to make games… now more than ever," added Laurent.

"So I’ll stay at Riot as an advisor, for years to come, doing everything I can to help you win. But, I’m ready to hand the reins to someone new. To let someone who has been absolutely vital to Riot’s story, take the pen, and shape the chapters ahead."

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