Report: Sony to expand console line-up with PS4 'Slim'

UPDATED Analysts say Sony plans to switch out the current PS4 for a device that's smaller and cheaper in a bid to attract "casual users." Now, Eurogamer has photos of an alleged PS4 "Slim."

Update: Eurogamer has reportedly met with the person who, as reported below, claims to have purchased a working version of the PS4 'Slim' console from auction website Gumtree. You can see their photographs of the hardware in question over on Eurogamer.

Sony will replace its standard PS4 with a redesigned slim model later this year, The Wall Street Journal reports

According to analysts, the Japanese giant plans to switch out the current model for a device that's smaller and cheaper in a bid to attract "casual users."

It'll also be gunning for hardcore fans with the release of the more powerful PlayStation 4 Neo, the existence of which was confirmed by Sony's Andrew House earlier this year.

The WSJ's report lends some credence to pictures posted by Twitter user shortmaneighty2 appearing to show the rumored PS4 Slim. 

That console was reportedly purchased via auction website Gumtree, and multiple shots show a device that's significantly smaller than the original PS4. 

Curiously, the box indicates that the slimline upgrade will still ship with a 500GB hard drive, unlike Microsoft's recently released slimmed down Xbox One S, which launched with 2TB of storage

It's hard to glean much else from the pictures, other than the fact that, true to tradition, the console will take the form of a black box and come bundled with a Dualshock controller. 

Any official reveal will likely be made at Sony's upcoming 'PlayStation Meeting' media event on September 7, when it's expected the console-maker will also announce the Neo.

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