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Report: Some CD Projekt devs unable to work after ransomware attack

A report in Bloomberg News indicates that the cyber attack on CD Projekt Red earlier this month has left its developers unable to work on updates to Cyberpunk 2077

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

February 24, 2021

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Earlier this month, Cyberpunk 2077 publisher CD Projekt SA reported that it was the victim of a ransomware cyber attack that exposed employees' personal information and leaked source codes for its games.

Now a report in Bloomberg indicates that disruption from the attack has spread much further, preventing CD Projekt Red employees from continuing work on Cyberpunk 2077 updates.

This work stoppage has now led the company to delay another major patch for Cyberpunk 2077.

Bloomberg's Jason Schreier writes that the ransomware attack (which at the time, claimed to encrypt the company's servers), combined with work-from-home policies related to the COVID-19 pandemic, have created a series of stoppages preventing many developers from continuing work.

Many employees are unable to log into the company's virtual private network, preventing them from accessing systems and tools needed to work.

Some employees working from home have also been asked to ship their work devices into the office to be reviewed for malware or other intrusive software, furthering their inability to work.

It's a nasty situation exacerbated by the overlapping demands the company faces. The COVID-19 pandemic prevents the studio from bringing all of its developers safely into the office. The ransomware attack compromised the personal and financial information of both current and former CD Projekt employees.

And Cyberpunk 2077's rough launch has led to pressure on the company from investors, publishing partners, and the public to keep pushing updates for the game to improve everything from console-performance to game-breaking bugs.

Now a number of its developers must sit and wait for the studio's IT team to restore the company's security profile before they can resume work on the game.

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