Report: Microsoft's disc-less Xbox One S gets name and launch date

Microsoft's long-rumored disc-less Xbox One S now has a name and launch date, according to fresh leaks from Windows Central.

The disc-less Xbox One S that's rumored to be in development over at Microsoft will be called the 'Xbox One S All-Digital Edition' and launch on May 7, 2019.

That's according to a new leak from Windows Central, which claims to have received documents detailing Microsoft's launch plans for the console. 

The new device will apparently come with a 1TB hard drive, and will be bundled with popular titles like Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 -- though it won't include a Game Pass subscription. 

It will also look exactly like the current Xbox One S, sans disc drive and eject button, so don't go expecting a complete redesign. 

Press first caught wind of the story back in November 2018 when tech site Thurrott began circulating the news after speaking to people familiar with the matter.

Those early reports suggested the disc-less device would allow Microsoft to shave up to $100 of the Xbox One S' current $299 price tag, and that it would be supported by a 'disc-to-digital' program to let owners swap their existing retail games for digital codes at permitted retailers.

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