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Report: iPad Ad-Supported Games Lead In Clickthroughs, Average Revenue

Apple's iPad has a higher earnings potential for ad-supported games than other products in its class, according to a new report, with better CTRS and eCPMs than either the iPhone or Android.

Frank Cifaldi

May 25, 2011

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Apple's iPad has a higher earnings potential for ad-supported games than other products in its class, according to a new report, with better click-through rates and revenue on average than either the iPhone or Android. According to independent research published Wednesday by mobile ad network Mobclix, consumers playing ad-supported games on the iPad are significantly more likely to click on banners than those playing games on either the iPhone or the Android. Mobclix found that the click-through rates on iPad games were on average 8 times higher than on Android devices, and 3.5 times higher than on the iPhone. Ads on iPad games also earn more on average. When calculating eCPMs (revenue per 1,000 impressions) on ads across all three device types, iPad games averaged out at $1.75. The iPhone follows at $1.30, and the Android at $0.98. The reason for the discrepency between iOS and Android ad success is due to Apple offering richer, higher-paying ads, according to the company. "Apple's use of rich media like video as well as its use of the entire screen all equate to higher paying units," said Mobclix co-founder Krishna Subramanian. "On the Android platform we are seeing less incentivized ad unit placements, and while rich media ads are on the rise they still make up a smaller quantity of the units when compared to iOS." The study also found that action games have overtaken puzzle games for the highest marketshare on the iOS platform, at 16.93 of the total gaming apps available, up from just over 11 percent in May of 2010. Puzzle games dropped from 15.64 percent to just under 14 percent in the same period. According to Mobclix, this shift is due to the rise in popularity of in-app purchases. "In-app purchases have become a huge revenue driver for developers, and as a result they are focusing more attention on action and arcade games where in-app purchases are a natural fit as consumers look to level up," the report says. The study also found a significant growth in the number of simulation games on the market, up approximately 125 percent from May of 2010, which the company attributes to the success of Zynga titles such as FarmVille. At around 12 percent, it is the fourth most popular game genre. Additionally, multiplayer mobile games are on the rise. According to the company, the category grew 155 percent during the period.

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