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Report: Awesomenauts developer Ronimo Games has filed for bankruptcy

The 16-year-old studio created the original version of THQ's da Blob, and developed titles such as Swords & Soldiers and Blightbound.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

August 29, 2023

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A former employee at Ronimo Games has claimed the Dutch studio filed for bankruptcy. In a tweet dated back to August 23, Jeroen Stout wrote that the developer is winding down, and lamented that its staff was "getting somewhere good, so it's unfortunate it ended here."

Dutch outlets such as Emerce further reveal that the bankruptcy was filed a day prior on August 22. However, at time of writing, Ronimo has yet to comment on its state on either its website or through its various social media channels like Twitter.

Per GamesIndustry, a developer on the studio's Discord server corroborated the claims of bankruptcy. That employee explained that Romino "got hit by a series of unfortunate events" while working on its last project, and "weren't able to recover."

The employee added that it's currently unclear what the bankruptcy means for Awesomenauts and Blightbound's online servers, saying the process is "still ongoing, and it all depends on where it ends up.

A brief history of Ronimo

Ronimo was founded in 2007 by a number of students that created the original (and free) PC version of de Blob. After THQ acquired that title, the developers formed Ronimo, whose debut title was the 2009 game Swords & Soldiers.

The studio's second and most definitive title was Awesomenauts, a MOBA from 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Awesomenauts was eventually ported to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and later made free-to-play before the developers said in 2019 that it would stop developing the game. 

More recently, the studio released Blightbound in 2021. Reportedly, Ronimo was working on another project at the time of its bankruptcy, but at time of writing, it's unclear what will happen to that project, or the studio's previously released games. 

Game Developer has reached out to Ronimo for clarification on its present state, and will update this story when a response is given.

Note: This story has been updated with additional context from GamesIndustry.

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