Report: Gameloft lays off staff, shutters New York studio

UPDATE: A Gameloft staffer confirms layoffs. Gamasutra has received word that a number of Gameloft employees have been laid off this week as the company moves to shut down its New York City office.

Update: A public Facebook post from Gameloft New York lead programmer Kevin Chen confirms the studio closure and layoff of staff. "As of this morning, after 15 years and many dozens of bestselling games, all production at Gameloft NYC is ceased. All development personnel, including myself, have been terminated," his post reads in part.

The original story follows:

Gamasutra has received word that a number of longtime mobile publisher/developer Gameloft employees (as many as 100) have been laid off this week as the Siegefall & Dungeon Hunter creator moves to shut down its New York City office.

When reached for comment, a Gameloft representative would neither confirm how many developers had lost their jobs nor make a definitive statement on Gameloft's operations in New York going forward. They simply provided the following response: 

"Gameloft is actively managing its production organization and is refocusing on its most efficient and experienced creation centers in order to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and to grow its revenues faster and more profitably."

When pressed for further clarification, the representative refused to comment. Gamasutra is seeking further details on the situation, and if you or someone you know was affected by this event you can email Gamasutra to tell your story confidentially.

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