Portion of That Dragon, Cancer's sales proceeds going to charity

Proceeds from sales of the title on Razer's Cortex platform will be donated to charities chosen by the family of Joel Green, the child whose years-long, fatal fight with cancer inspired the game.

Proceeds from sales of Numinous Games' That Dragon, Cancer on Razer's Android game platform, Cortex, will be donated to charity under the guidance of the family of Joel Green, the child whose years-long, ultimately fatal fight with cancer inspired the game.

Razer made the announcement this week, and it's chiefly notable because the company built its Cortex platform on the back of Ouya, which poured a lot of money into the development of That Dragon, Cancer before being hoovered up by Razer last summer.

"When we first acquired Ouya, it was with the vision of bringing Android gaming to the living room,” Razer chief Min-Liang Tan stated in a press release announcing the charity effort. 

“By doing that, we now have the opportunity to give back to the community in a big way, by bringing this game to the public and by making sure all our proceeds go right back into the fight against cancer.”

The two charities designated by the Green family to receive funding from sales of the game on Cortex are the Morgan Adams Foundation, which helps fund research and treatment for children with cancer, and Family House SF, which affords families in San Francisco for medical treatment a free place to stay.

This Dragon, Cancer launched this week on Cortex and Steam. For more details, head over the the game's website.

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