PlayStation Now continues rollout to PS3, with Vita not far behind

Sony confirms that in less than two weeks, its streaming service will roll out to the PlayStation 3... and is already playable on Vita.

Newsbrief: Sony continues to expand its PlayStation Now streaming service, which launched in January and which allows users to play PlayStation 3 games on its (and soon, partners') devices -- this time, to the PlayStation 3. 

A new blog post by Sony's Jack Buser says that the service will hit the PS3 on May 12. It's already available on the PlayStation 4 and some Sony Blu-ray players and TVs. It's also slated to come to Samsung TVs. 

In the comments of the blog post, Buser also reveals that the company plans to formally launch the service on its Vita handheld "soon," and that current subscribers can play PlayStation Now games on their Vitas "right now." 

Sony recently bought the patents and other assets of failed streaming service OnLive, which gives the company "a formidable patent portfolio in cloud gaming," SCEA exec Philip Rosenberg said in a statement at the time. 

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