PlayStation boss joins Disability: IN campaign to drive disability inclusion

Sony Interactive Entertainment chief exec Jim Ryan has joined a coalition of CEOs advocating for the advancement of disability inclusion.

Sony Interactive Entertainment chief exec Jim Ryan has joined a coalition of CEOs advocating for the advancement of disability inclusion. 

The PlayStation boss has backed a new campaign from Disability: IN, a leading nonprofit resource for disability inclusion, by signing the 'CEO Letter on Disability Inclusion.'

The letter is part of a broader initiative called 'Are You IN' designed to drive disability inclusion and equality in business. The campaign is a call to action for CEOs, companies, investors, and business professionals to create more opportunities for people with disabilities across a variety of enterprises. 

Each signatory of the letter has committed to participating in the Disability Equality Index (a comprehensive benchmarking tool for disability equality), sharing important information on disability inclusion, and better understanding how companies can become more inclusive of people with disabilities.

"Our commitment to supporting an inclusive environment for our community of players, developers, employees, and partners is core to our business and builds the foundation for our mission: to connect the world through the power of play," said Ryan. "We are proud to join Disability:IN to help workplaces become more inclusive, accessible, and equitable to all."

Disability: IN is ultimately campaigning for "an inclusive global economy where people with disabilities participate fully and meaningfully," and hopes the Are You IN campaign will specifically encourage Fortune 1000 companies to play their part. 

"We have experienced first-hand, within our companies, the potential for innovation, sustainability, and profit as a result of disability inclusion," said the group. "It is important to us, now more than ever, to drive companies aligned with corporate values and meaningful purpose. Without disability inclusion, we will fail to build sustainable futures that empower all."

You can find out more about Disability: IN and the Are You IN campaign right here.

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