Playdead co-founder forced to cash out $7.2M in shares and depart studio

New details have emerged that shed more light on the reasons behind Dino Patti's departure from Limbo creator Playdead. 

New details have emerged that shed more light on the reasons behind Dino Patti's departure from Limbo creator Playdead. 

Patti, who co-founded the studio back in 2006 with Arnt Jensen, left the company in July 2016. At the time he claimed he'd stepped away to seek new challenges after "building Playdead from an idea to two dents in the games industry."

Now, a report from Danish financial newspaper, Børsen  -- loosely translated by the folks over at NeoGAF -- suggests a long-running conflict between the two co-founders was the real reason behind Patti's sudden departure.

According to the paper, the pair had an argument that led to Jensen submitting a letter of resignation. Although the Børsen's report claims the duo fell out over issues such as IP ownership and release schedules, Patti has since told that such speculation is unfounded.

Still, he confirmed that a conflict did occur, and that it ultimately led to Jensen submitting a resignation letter. 

After Jensen tendered his resignation, Patti proceeded to completely remove him from the studio's CVR register, which is a record of a company's personal and financial information, effectively cutting Jensen out of Playdead. 

Shocked at the move, Jensen's legal team stepped in to argue that he had simply resigned as creative director, and hadn't given up his role as a Playdead executive. 

This spawned a new conflict, with Patti claiming the letter wasn't clear enough, and that he genuinely believed Jensen intended to sever all ties with the studio.

With neither party willing to back down, the Danish Business Authority stepped in and Patti was eventually forced to back away and sell his 49 percent stake in the company for 50M Danish krone ($7.2 million). 

Jensen remained at the studio, which today revealed the first screenshot from its latest, as of yet unnamed project.

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