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Phil Spencer: Bethesda deal is 'about delivering great exclusive games'

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has clarified what Microsoft's freshly minted $7.5 billion Bethesda acquisition means in terms of software exclusivity.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

March 12, 2021

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer has clarified what Microsoft's freshly minted $7.5 billion Bethesda acquisition means in terms of software exclusivity. 

Speaking during a recent 'Bethesda Joins Xbox' roundtable, Spencer said bringing more first-party exclusives to Xbox was the driving factor behind the purchase. 

He explained those exclusives will be heading to platforms where Xbox Game Pass -- Microsoft's increasingly popular game subscription service -- is supported, indicating PC players will be getting their fair share of the spoils.

That doesn't mean every single Bethesda title will be an Xbox exclusive moving forward, however, as Microsoft still has contractual obligations to fulfill with regard to other platforms.

"Obviously I can't sit here and say every Bethesda game is exclusive, because we know that's not true. There are contractual obligations that we're going to see through, which we always do in every one of these instances," said Spencer. 

"We have games that exist on other platforms, and we're going to go and support those games on the platforms they're on. There are communities of players, and we love those communities and we're going to continue investing in them. 

"But if you're an Xbox customer the thing I want you to know is this is about delivering great exclusive games for you, that ship on platforms where Game Pass exists. That's our goal. That's why we're doing this. That's the root of this partnership that we're building. The creative capability we will be able to bring to market for Xbox customers is going to be the best it's ever been for Xbox after we're done here."

You can watch the full roundtable interview by clicking here. Spencer's remarks on exclusivity begin at around the 9 minute mark.

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