Perfect World rebrands as Gearbox Publishing after Embracer purchase

Embracer acquired Gearbox for $1.38 billion in April 2021.

Perfect World Entertainment has rebranded as Gearbox Publishing following its acquisition by Embracer Group.

Embracer, which bought Borderlands developer Gearbox last year, acquired Perfect World for $103 million in December 2021.

Perfect World has published titles including Hyperlight Breaker, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and Torchlight III.

The company described its purchase by Embracer as a "great opportunity to expand our horizons and extend our reach in the video game world," and suggested the new partnership and rebrand will facilitate "bigger and better things."

"Our goal has always been to publish high-quality games that create lasting impressions, and Embracer Group has stepped up to help achieve this vision," wrote the company. "Within Embracer, we’ve been placed in the loving care of the Gearbox Publishing wing of games, and we couldn’t be happier to join their family."

The rebrand will take effect immediately, with the company explaining the Perfect World logo on many of its games will be swapped out for the new Gearbox Publishing logo.

Beyond the obvious livery shake-up, the company reassured customers that its projects will "continue to be published by the same group of enthusiastic gamers."

"Though the company name is changing, our titles, development plans, and passion for our work will remain," it added.

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