Paradox reports upturn in revenue as expansion packs drive growth

Stellaris developer-publisher Paradox has reported a strong financial quarter, with both revenues and operating profits on the rise. 

Stellaris developer-publisher Paradox has reported a strong financial quarter, with both revenue and operating profit on the rise. 

According to its fiscal report for the second quarter ended June 30, 2020, quarterly revenue increased by 20 percent year-on-year to SEK 464.9 million ($53.3 million), while operating profit rose by 29 percent to SEK 199 million ($22.8 million) over the same period.

Paradox chief exec Ebba Ljungerud said one of the company's main growth factors was performance of its game expansions, which "provide games with strong brands and longevity." The Swedish publisher launched a number of notable expansions during the quarter, including add-ons for Europa Universalis IV, Prison Architect, and Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Commenting on the impact on COVID-19, Ljungerud explained has been a "significant" factor since March, and said the "positive trend" the company previously noticed with regards to increased gaming has declined somewhat. She also highlighted an "impact on productivity" that could cause production delays. 

Overall, however, Ljungerud claims Paradox has managed to deliver a "major increase" in its capacity and competence to develop and publish games through organic growth and acquisitions. 

"During the quarter we also worked intensely on two acquisitions that were made public in July -- Playrion Game Studio and Iceflake Studios. Playrion Game Studio is a mobile-first studio in Paris," she commented.

"Through this acquisition we are enhancing our ability to develop and publish mobile games, and we also welcome Airlines Manager to our game portfolio. Iceflake Studios, on the other hand, is a Finnish game studio with whom we already have a successful collaboration regarding Surviving the Aftermath, which is sold in early access through the Epic Games Store.

"In summary, we leave an operational as well as financially successful quarter behind us with strengthened relationships with our fantastic fans."

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