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Paradox looks at Crusader Kings 2 for improving DLC in future games

In an interview with PC Gamer, CEO and VP of business development at Paradox Interactive Ebba Ljungerud and Shams Jorjani discuss the DLC model for_Crusader Kings 2_.

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May 21, 2018

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"We have to deal with the issue of people being conditioned by other games and how the industry works. The conditioning is: if you don't get all the content, the thing is broken, you're missing out on something. Which is not true in our games."

- Paradox Interactive's VP of business development Shams Jorjani on improving the presentation of DLC for Crusader Kings 2. 

Paradox is looking at revising how it packages and prices DLC in response to feedback about Crusader Kings 2.

Released back in 2012, the game now has 24 DLC packs available that provide a variety of expansions and customization features for players, which all together total to about $300 if bought alongside the original game. 

Being one of Paradox's most popular strategy game, Crusader Kings 2's long-term DLC strategy could possibly overwhelm prospective players -- after all, that's a lot of money. But it's money well spent, which goes directly into the development of more content.

"We're not going to be able to do that if we can't charge something for the development of the games. That's the base of it," explains CEO of Paradox Ebba Ljungerud. "For us, it's not so strange that we actually charge people for content and better improvements of the game."

"With Crusader Kings 2, you could say, yeah, it's a lot of money over the years—but it's also a game with a lot of hours and a lot of gameplay within it. So, I can't say that I think it's wrong for charging for the development of the games," he adds. 

Be sure to check out the entire piece over at PC Gamer, where VP of business development Shams Jorjani goes into detail about how the industry conditions players to react to DLC. It's well worth the read. 

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