Opus Magnum developer Zachtronics is about to release its final game

The company will move away from development following the release of Last Call BBS.

Zachtronics, the indie studio behind acclaimed projects like SpaceChem, Infinifactory, and Opus Magnum, is preparing to release its final title.

The company will seemingly move away from development following the release of Last Call BBS, a puzzle game collection that's being billed as "the last game from Zachtronics."

Last Call BBS will comprise eight full games, including 20th Century Food Court, Steed Force Hobby Studio, X’BPGH: The Forbidden Path, Sawayama Solitaire, Dungeons & Diagrams, ChipWizard™ Professional, HACK*MATCH, and Kabufuda Solitaire.

When asked by fans on social media whether Last Call BBS will be a genuine swansong, Zachtronics suggested it's being deadly serious about stepping back.

During a Twitch interview earlier this year, Zachtronics founder and lead designer Zach Barth explained he's accepted a teaching position, leading him to move away from development. 

It's unclear whether Barth intends to return to the world of game development in the future. Last Call BBS will launch on July 5, 2022.

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