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What countries are making the most revenue in the world of esports right now?

Dom Tait, Research Director, Game

October 14, 2021

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A professional esports player plays Overwatch
Image by Florian Olivo via Unsplash

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What’s the largest market for esports revenue in the world? The question has had three different answers in the past five years, but which countries will drive the esports ecosystem to 2025?

China is the global leader in esports revenue, followed by the US and South Korea. Tencent drives China’s sprawling esports ecosystem and its strategy is global, with a “World Connected” initiative aimed at squaring the circle between esports and sports. 

Though the five top countries took up 73% of global esports revenue in 2020, this will fall to 69% in 2025 as other countries begin to catch up buoyed by the ubiquity of fast internet.


For more data on what countries are pulling in the most esports revenue, click here.

About the Author(s)

Dom Tait

Research Director, Game, Omdia

Dom Tait is Omdia’s Research Director for games, music and audio, and consumer platforms and AI research.

Dom joined Omdia in 2014 and has worked across the spectrum of entertainment and media on high-profile consulting projects, with a specialization in games and—increasingly—how they converge with other media.

Dom’s background is in media, having played editorial roles for a range of publications before joining Omdia. For many years, he has worked on a major report that examines consumer and advertiser spending data in entertainment and media segments around the world. As such, he can advise clients on a range of digital media.

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