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Omdia Analysis: Just how many games have been sold on Nintendo Switch?

We'll give you a hint, you need a comma to write down the number.

Steve Bailey, Principal Analyst, Video Games

November 11, 2021

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A photo of a Nintendo Switch controller being used to play Breath of the Wild

Datapoint of the Week is a recurring Game Developer series made possible by our sibling company and global research leader Omdia.

With some 5,000 games and counting having been released for download on Nintendo’s Switch store – a record release slate, for a console – the need for more channels of discovery on digital stores just keeps growing.

The topic of discoverability remains critical for consoles because they have to be able to demonstrate value to content partners. Primarily, they do this via an installed base of hardware, representing an audience of potential users. But with digital and connectivity increasingly facilitating so much game-related content, what’s the point of releasing your game onto a platform if it just gets lost in the crowd?


For more data on Nintendo Switch Sales, be sure to read Omdia's full report. 

About the Author(s)

Steve Bailey

Principal Analyst, Video Games, Omdia

Steve specializes in the online PC gaming market, virtual worlds, online consoles, as well as casual, browser-based, and social gaming. 

He also provides consultancy services for major international clients and general games intelligence service work. Steve focuses on subscription and micro-transaction markets in the West as well as in emerging gaming sectors.

Prior to joining Omdia, Steve had an accomplished career in games journalism in a variety of magazine roles, including as editor of a TV-based games portal. Most notably, he lent his distinctive voice as a freelance writer to Edge, the influential games periodical. Over the six years of his career as a writer, Steve published several thousand published pages of video game content within the specialist press.

Steve attended Cardiff University in Wales, completing a PhD in mathematics with an emphasis on numerical analysis and multivariate calculus.  

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