Oculus' Home launcher now supports off-platform titles like Steam games

Thanks to a new update pushed, Oculus Rift users will be able to boot up Steam games without needing to emerge from the comforts of virtual reality.

An update being pushed to the Oculus PC client today aims to cut back on some of the friction Oculus Rift users may have previously experienced when trying to launch a non-Oculus Store game from within the confines of virtual reality. 

The 1.17 update gives Oculus users the ability to launch any app with Rift support from within the Oculus Home menu itself.

In short, this means that players will be able to boot up games purchased on Steam and other non-Oculus Store locations without the need to mess with their settings or remove the headset.

This is good news for developers that have released Rift-compatible games or apps on non-Oculus storefronts like Steam as makes those games more attractive to Rift users by significantly lowering the amount of work it requires to fire one up.

Additionally, the update welcomes a Party chat feature to the Oculus platform and ushers in a series of bug fixes and other minor changes. Full patch notes can be found on the Oculus forums.

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