Nintendo Switch Online freebie Pac-Man 99 is being delisted later this year

The news comes just over two years after the battle royale title was launched.

Pac-Man 99, the online battle royale version of the classic maze chase, is being delisted after just over two years.

The Switch-exclusive title launched in April 2021 and was made available for free to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

According to an end-of -service announcement posted on the Nintendo website, however, the title will be shuttered on October 8, 2023.

The end-of-service schedule will see paid custom themes removed as DLC from August 8, before Mode Unlock and Deluxe Pack DLC are also removed from sale on September 8. The title itself will then be delisted on October 8, meaning it will no longer be available to download for new users.

Anybody who's already downloaded Pac-Man 99 will still be able to access and redownload the software, although online play will no longer be possible. Offline modes such as CPU Battle, Score Attack, and Blind Time Attack, however, will remain playable.

Both Nintendo and publisher Bandai Namco failed to specify why the game is being delisted.

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