Nintendo's Fils-Aime commits to improving Switch storefront curation

"We have a significant global focus on driving our digital business...independent games are a critical part of that," Fils-Aime told Waypoint. "We continue to look at other ways to enhance curation."
"In the end I believe the reason that the independent developer is saying that their games are selling best [on] Switch is because of, in total, that environment we're creating."

- Nintendo of America chief Reggie Fils-Aime, speaking to Waypoint.

The Nintendo Switch is well into its second year and we're continuing to see a rising tide of games (including lots of ports) launching on the platform each week, fanning devs' concerns that their own games will get lost in the shuffle. 

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime spoke to those concerns in some detail during a recent interview with Waypoint, reassuring devs that the company is (continuing to) work on the Switch's discoverability problems.

"We have a significant global focus on driving our digital business [and] independent games are a critical part of that," Fils-Aime said. "Everything we could do to help consumers find all of that stellar content is a huge part of this. And we're attacking it from a number of different fronts."

However, he offered no actual details on what the company plans to do, instead calling attention to what it recently did: revamping the Switch online game storefront by adding options to sort games by how well they've sold, either all games or digital games only.

"Because from a Nintendo perspective we make our products available [via both digital and physical] distribution, and an independent developer might not. And so numerically, the numbers are different," he explained. "So, you know, that's a step that we've just taken. We continue to look at other ways to enhance curation."

Devs interested in continuing to look at what Fils-Aime said after the company's E3 presentation should check out the full interview on Waypoint, which touches on everything from Nintendo's accessibility plans (barely!) to Fils-Aime's fondness for Waluigi.

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