Nintendo is letting players review Switch games on its official website

It might seem like a pretty basic feature, but the ability to garner more customer feedback (both positive and negative) will no doubt be of use to developers plying their trade on the platform. 

Changes to Nintendo's online game store mean customers can now post Switch game reviews on the company's official website.

The new feature will give Switch game developers additional, direct feedback from their players. As spotted by Polygon, those keen to share their opinion with the world will be asked to leave a star rating and describe the title by choosing from an assortment of pre-selected tags like "kid appropriate," "immersive," and "great characters."

Reviewers can leave a more descriptive comment explaining what they liked and disliked about the game, while they'll also be asked to describe the sort of player they are by choosing from options like "Nintendo Fan" and "Core Gamer."  

To hinder review tampering of any sort, anyone looking to leave feedback must be a Nintendo Account holder, and will also need to have played over two hours of their game of choice. 

The feature isn't available in certain regions as of yet (some countries like the U.K. still rely on third-party review platforms), and hasn't been made available for the entire Switch catalog. 

You can check out the new system for yourself by paying a visit to the U.S. Switch game store.

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