Nintendo and Niantic creating new AR apps including unnamed Pikmin project

Nintendo has partnered with Pokemon Go developer Niantic to create a range of new augmented reality titles for mobile.

Nintendo has partnered with Pokemon Go developer Niantic to create a series of new augmented reality titles for mobile. 

The partnership will see both companies "jointly develop mobile titles built on Niantic's real-world AR technology."

Niantic will publish each mobile app, which will be built around popular Nintendo characters. The first project from the duo will be based on the Pikmin franchise, and is being pitched as a "fun walking experience" that lets players stroll around the real world surrounded by Pikmin.

"The app will include gameplay activities to encourage walking and make walking more delightful," said Niantic. "Slated to launch later this year, this will be the first title created by our Tokyo Studio since it was established in April 2018." 

Niantic has pledged to share more details about its range of Nintendo projects in the coming months. Those interested can register for updates on the Niantic website.

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