Nintendo 3DS Sells 1M Units In Japan

Japanese firm Enterbrain has confirmed that Nintendo has sold 1 million Nintendo 3DS units in Japan, taking thirteen weeks to reach that figure compared to the four weeks that it took the original DS.
Japanese firm Enterbrain has confirmed that Nintendo has sold 1 million Nintendo 3DS units in Japan since the handheld's late February launch in the country. The handheld took 13 weeks to reach 1 million, compared to the original DS taking just four weeks, and both the DS Lite and the DSi taking eight weeks each, reports Andriasang. Although the Nintendo 3DS saw a solid launch, selling 371,326 units in the first two days of sale in Japan, it has since seen a decline, with Sony's PSP selling more units each week in May. Last week at E3, Nintendo's Charlie Scibetta told Gamasutra that the company will not be dropping the price of the Nintendo 3DS any time soon, and that the recently revealed PlayStation Vita's $249 price tag does not worry him. The company also revealed its first post-launch color variation for the 3DS, Flare Red, which is coming to Japan on July 14, the same day it will release Star Fox 64 3D in that region.

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