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New York City pay transparency law provides glimpse at game industry salaries

We now know what sort of wages companies operating in the region are offering devs.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

November 4, 2022

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New York City has ushered in a new pay transparency law that requires any company with a least four employees to include "good faith" salary ranges in job listings, and that's shed some light on how different companies within the games industry are paying their workers.

As reported by Axios, the law means it's now possible to see what sort of salaries notable companies including Rockstar Games, Take-Two, and Epic Games are offering to staff based in New York.

Although it's far from a comprehensive overview given the industries relatively small footprint in the region, it's still interesting to see what sort of compensation major players are currently offering new recruits.

For instance, after sifting through Rockstar Games listings in New York City, Axios found that a product lead at the company will be offered between $163k and $184k, while an associate dialogue designer will be able to earn between $50k and $57k.

Over at Epic Games, the company was offering to pay a senior product manager within the Unreal Engine team between $187k and $242k, while another listing for an operations manager for content policy and escalations comes with a salary ranging from $159k to $206k.

Ubisoft, meanwhile, is currently seeking a part-time game demo operator that pays $15/hour plus overtime, and Activision has a listing for a measurement lead role within it sales team that offers a salary ranging from $77k to $114k.

Axios highlights that most listings note that each role's salary is based on the regional cost of living. Even so, it's fascinating to be able to peek behind the curtain given how shy many companies within the industry are when it comes to discussing pay.

For more insights, be sure to check out Axios' full report, which contains even more salary breakdowns.

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