Netflix Games will add Monument Valley, Ubisoft, and more to service

The streaming giant continues its games expansion with the acclaimed Monument Valley series and its second exclusive game from Ubisoft.

Ustwo announced the first two games in its mobile game series Monument Valley are both coming to Netflix in 2024. During a recent press briefing, Ustwo CEO María Sayans confirmed the Netflix versions of each game will be the same as their previous mobile releases, and feature all previous in-app purchases.

The 2014 Monument Valley and its 2017 sequel were both critically and commercially well-regarded during their respective releases, so coming to Netflix will allow them to grow even further.

Both titles are a part of Netflix's larger games push that began in earnest in 2022. Along with those two titles, Netflix confirmed more titles to its games service later this year. Next month, Ubisoft will release Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, its second (of three) exclusive games on the service. 

Additionally, developer Super Evil Megacorp (of Vainglory fame) announced a partnership with Netflix on a new property. Teaming with the subscription-based Netflix offers some changes that Super Evil said will give it "the opportunity to be part of building a universe far larger than a single game. 

With how it calls itself a "transmedia pioneer," Super Evil may subtly indicating that whatever project it's working on, a Netflix adaptation will be a part of that equation. 

What is the future of Netflix Games? 

Since Netflix Games launched in late 2021 and throughout 2022, the service has released 55 games. At least 70 games overall are in various stages of production. 

The plan is reportedly to release 40 titles in 2023, with some of them now already out. David Marquardt's Dust & Neon recently came to the service, and Terra Nil from developer Free Lives is expected to hit at the end of March.

It's known that Netflix plans to do more with games in the future, since it's opened up (or acquired) several studios all over the world, including a California studio that may be developing console games. Similarly, cloud gaming may be in its cards down the line. 

One thing worth noting is that Netflix isn't divulging its player numbers. In the same way it's cagey with the metrics of its shows, head of external games Leanne Loombe merely stated the streamer was "super happy" with the numbers so far, and "isn't at the point where we expect 100 percent of our Netflix members to be playing games.”

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