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In an interview with AllThingsD, Benchmark's Mitch Lasky talks about the untapped potential for mobile games to quickly build large playerbases in new markets via distribution on social networks.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

December 17, 2013

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"Think about Steam. Part of what makes Steam great is that it has 40 million or 50 million registered users. So it’s naturally magnetic to the developers who want the audience.

So, think about these chat networks, then. They were kind of built for other purposes, not to distribute games, but they have a lot of user liquidity that’s demographically appropriate."

- Mitch Lasky, speaking to AllThingsD. Serial games entrepreneur and current Benchmark partner Mitch Lasky highlighted the potential for social networks to serve as powerful mobile game distribution networks, especially in mobile markets that don't have established app stores dominating the market, in a recent interview with AllThingsD. It's a good discussion, especially for anyone interested in how mobile games will gain traction in emerging markets. Given that China's mobile gaming market is booming, thanks in part to Tencent's decision to distribute games via its remarkably popular WeChat social messaging platform, it seems like something that aspiring mobile game developers should be thinking about. Lasky covers a few other interesting topics during the interview, including why the best way for social messaging services to make money isn't with ads, but with app distribution. Read the full interview at AllThingsD.

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