Mobile game company Scopely sinks over $50 million into trio of European studios

Mobile game company Scopely has invested over $50 million into three studios to reiterate its "commitment to game-making."

Mobile game company Scopely has invested over $50 million into three studios to reiterate its "commitment to game-making." The cash will be split between Tag Games, Pixel Toys, and Omnidrone, which are based in Scotland, England, and Spain, respectively. 

Scopely intends to work with the trio on a number of game projects spanning multiple genres, and will utilize a "unique single team approach" to ensure its partner studios can benefit from its publishing infrastructure, operating system, and proprietary technology platform, Playgami. 

The Dundee-based Tag Games will partner with Scopely to create a new MMO title that will expand the company's strategy slate. Both Pixel Toys and Omnidrone, meanwhile, are working on a pair of unannounced midcore games. 

Although Scopely is keen to bring together its partner studios to create a "unified team," chief revenue officer Tim O'Brien explained the company still wants to provide "autonomy and creativity" within that single-team structure. 

"These studios share our vision to create extremely meaningful, dynamic experiences for players and represent outstanding passion and expertise in their respective genres," commented O'Brien. 

"We are proud to invest in these studios’ futures, excited to collaborate closely as a unified team, and eager to maximize our combined potential through our transformative Playgami technology platform, deep game-making expertise, and what we believe is the industry’s best publishing infrastructure."

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